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Video Production

In 2023 online videos will make up more than 80% of all consumer Internet traffic, 15 X higher than in 2017.

Quality video content has the power to engage with an audience base like nothing else, making it a vital asset for businesses who want to compete online.

The digital world is becoming one big TV station, and if your company doesn’t play a starring role, your competitors certainly will.

But all too often, it’s done badly, with poorly produced videos, amateur presentation and a lack of thought or preparation.

Voco Veritas video production experts bring your ideas into reality: experienced cameramen, professional drone pilots, innovative editors, talented directors and a dedicated creative team.

We help our clients create compelling video content will make your business the star of the show.

California Coastline / Rust Magazine

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Rare & Pasture / Fowlescombe Farm

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Chestnut Appeal - Burgh Island swim 2022

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