PPC - Voco Veritas

Paid Search Strategy & Management

We have been a Google Ads Premier Partner since 2015 and manage Ad budgets of over £2,000,000 per year.

The basis for success with all SEO and Sponsored Ads is a thorough understanding of the keyword audiences involved, and how easy/difficult/expensive each audience will be to reach.​


The paid advertising options available on Google Ads are often an important element within our marketing strategies. Ad products are more heavily emphasised in the short-to-medium term, to be gradually be superseded by a strong presence in organic search results for the most commercially significant keywords. Only if the ROI for a specific Campaign is self-evident can it be run indefinitely.​​

The goal of each campaign is to have every keyword possible on exact match in tightly defined Ad Groups linked to highly targeted ads containing the keyword phrase. This ensures the most targeted, relevant experience for site visitors along with the highest click-thru and conversion rate, while also maximising quality scores and keeping click costs at the lowest possible level. Each Ad/Keyword combination should have as specific a landing page as possible.​

Monitoring the keyword usage histories gives us insight into the precise terms being typed into Google, enabling us to continuously refine and update the campaigns.

Running Ads has the added benefit of providing significant market intelligence, answering critical questions such as which message encourages the highest click-thru rate, and which combinations lead to the lowest cost per sale.

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